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Herbalists Guide to Native American Remedies

From Medicinal Plants and Herbs to Ancient and Modern Herbal Remedies for your Effective Apothecary Table

This book teaches you how to approach holistic natural health and wellbeing using healing herbs. It provides recipes and insight on how to listen to your body to find what it needs for healing and recovering. With Native American wisdom, you can learn to take care of your whole self – mind, body, and spirit!

This well-structured book has three parts taking you on a journey to learn about Native American herbalism:

  • Book 1 introduces herbalism by talking about the ancient origins around the world and the different types of herbalism partied by Native Americans throughout different climate zones and tribal cultures of North America, Canada, and the Arctic Region. This book introduces the Native Americans' approach to health & wellbeing.

  • Book 2 describes 40 plants and herbs that will serve us as a solid base for understanding their remedy-making uses. You will learn about where to source your own herbs, recommended dosages, and herbs' healing actions. This book can be bought separately here

  • Book 3 is about how to set up the apothecary table that matches your needs. This well-researched section will guide you in using remedies for first aid, children, energy and sleep regulation, anxiety, immunity, beauty, sexual and reproductive health, and more. Also, get a list of conditions, herbs, dosages, and age-specific guidelines on properly using them.

This book is organized by ailment and need, for easy reference. Its’ informative, and engaging writing makes it an enjoyable read. With this amazing collection, all-natural remedies are just a page away. You will be led to the discovery of easy ways to use herbs suiting your needs. If you are a prepper, this book won't leave you empty-handed, you will find ways to prepare yourself for an emergency and survival.

It's time to make good use of centuries-old Native American wisdom and incorporate these ancient remedies into your everyday life.


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