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We are a common marketing platform that aims to bring partners with commercial and non-commercial profiles together.
    Both approaches have their purpose. We all have to make a living (commercial take) but not every valid project can stand financially by its own.
    Therefore, we want to build a common marketing platform where we connect with clients. We want to pool our skills & financial capabilities to increase our freedom to work on meaningful projects.

2021 - Sell commercial goods on Amazon first and through our own channels later to build our sales platform and grow our customer base.

2022 - We partnered with an herbalist writer. Herbalism is a fascinating topic that offers many different approaches to the same goal - maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. It is also a topic where intercultural learning is interesting and meaningful.

With our books, we want to build a community of culturally interested people and people interested in our natural environment. However, For now (March 2022), we are still in startup mode!

2024 UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW!  – Our platform is strong enough to start working with our Kenyan partners. We want to run this as a social business making enough revenue to sustain ourselves.

We were already working with our Kenyan partners while supporting NGOs 2015-2020. At this time our work was donor-funded. This is when we realized how important, and difficult, the access to market is for small manufacturing organizations. We also experienced the limits of donor funding that can lead to unhealthy dependencies. With the semi-commercial take we have with this platform we want to test a different approach to development.

So, is this all realistic? Well, we will see. Every outcome starts with a vision.

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Giving Back & Help Build Communities

We are more than an Online Store.

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