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Quick Guide to Winter Herbs and Christmas Spice

Ancient Healing Wisdom & Modern use

Carol Roy, is new on board with LEAFinPRINT. She is a herbalist, botanist, enthusiastic cook, and passionate about the history and lore around these topics.

This book is about:

How to benefit from the healing powers of winter herbs and spices at home.

Cold season herbal gardening instructions

Spice and herbal recipes for wellness & vibrant health

Images for coloring & relaxing!

Often, though, the winter months are also a time of sickness, with things like the flu running rampant. But what if there was a way to combine your love of good food with the healing powers of winter herbs and spices so you could keep your family both happy and healthy?

This guide was designed to do just that.

In this informative book, you will discover:

  • The 8 essential winter spices you should keep stocked in your pantry at all times

  • A definitive guide to growing 10 herbs during winter so you can cultivate a thriving herb garden year-round

  • Legends and history – the mysticism and magic surrounding these herbs and spices, including how they were used from the past to the present day and their important medicinal properties

  • Aromatic, healing recipes to make your family's mouth water and have them asking for more

  • Which herbs you should incorporate into your diet if you are dealing with ailments from gout and sore throat to sore muscles and more

  • And last but not least: Color various pictures in the book! This is space to put your own character in the book and relax!

And much more.

Discover the secrets to using the herbs in your winter garden to

create wonderful meals that bring your family to the table and keep them healthy during those cold, harsh months.

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